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 Updated on 3/25/2016


                             Saint Therese                                    Mother Angeline McCrory

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 since  December 19, 2012


opened in 1999. Since then, we have cared for hundreds of older adults who were in that 'gray area' - those not needing skilled nursing care, but in need of

a safe, supportive home.

Residents make their studio-style apartment their own, by furnishing it with their own familiar belongings. Their own bed, a favorite chair, cherished photos and collections.

Our apartments have a kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator/freezer and kitchen-style cabinets and sink. The handicapped equipped bathrooms with a walk-in shower foster your independence, but staff is always available to assist you with your activities
of daily living as needed.


The Carmelite Sisters have served in the Columbus Diocese continuously since 1947. Our Carmelite Shield



ALL our 50 rooms are STUDIO APARTMENTS

which you furnish yourself.

Been thinking of Assisted Living?

Are you looking for a loving, safe, homelike environment

that's managed by the Carmelite Sisters with their 86 years of expertise

in groundbreaking  compassionate care of the elderly?

We are a LEVEL ONE Assisted Living.

We know that The Villas is the most warm, loving facility in Columbus.

If you don't believe us - come see for yourself!

If you have a need for the services of Assisted Living,

complete our application to get on our waiting list.

That's all you need to do! No fees - no obligation - no long term contracts.

You could become a part of our Villa's family!


When you have to look for a more supportive environment for

yourself, a spouse, a Mom or Dad - or any loved one,

we know it is a stressful and emotional journey.

We at the Villas have the experience and compassion to help.



for our annual

Located at
On the East Side - where  East Broad meets the north end of Noe Bixby
Thank you for visiting!

The Villas is a non-profit facility managed by

 Our name says it all - our Mission and Passion is for dignified, loving care
of God's children who have come to their senior years.
We have twenty one facilities throughout the United States,
and one in Dublin, Ireland.
We've been doing this since 1929, and for almost 70 years here in Columbus.
The motto of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm is:


 plays an important part here at the Villas.
It's not just a word or a slogan.
Backed by  ,
love is the force that motivates all that we do
 in our  service and care for our Residents.

"Where there is no honor to the elderly, there is no future for the young."
                                                                                                                                                Pope Francis ~ From his Homily in March 2015


 "Unless we use all our to make the last years of our old people -

the 'golden years' - meaningful,

they could spend many lonely hours and years before God calls them to their eternal award.

Ours is a VERY special vocation, and we will be blessed eternally

 for the little things we did to bring happiness to the old people.

By a spirit of love and dedication in our work, we will receive countless blessings."

                                                                                   Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm.

                                                                                   Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm


 At the Villas, our loving staff takes these words of

Mother Angeline to heart, and puts them into practice!





One of our Red Tailed Hawks flies over the Villas


Looking west at our front entrance towards the Independent apartments

Our 'Turtle Top' Ford van with a hydraulic  wheelchair lift.

Holds nine  passengers and two wheelchairs.

We use it for shopping trips, and fun outings.


We have a total of 50
Studio-Style Apartments

Call and see how you
can get on our waiting list!



Is cooking, housekeeping, laundry and

 house repair/upkeep getting too much for you?


Are your children voicing their fears of you being alone?

Are they coming over several times a day to help you -

or are they too far away to come help?


Do you need a bit of help
with a shower, or getting those shoes on now?


Are you afraid of being alone?


Do you have a loved one living alone

that you constantly worry about?


Perhaps  it's time you look into Assisted Living!



It doesn't hurt to call  and ask questions about the Villas,

or Assisted Living in general!

Pets (under 30 pounds) are allowed under certain circumstances.






Go to www.carmelitesisters.com


We have served in Columbus since 1947!! We operated St Raphael's Home for the Aged on Roxbury Road,

and St Rita's Nursing Home on Greenlawn Avenue until 2005. We closed them that year due to the inability to bring the old buildings up to code - and combined the two into a new facility on East Broad Street -

Mother Angeline McCrory Manor! The Manor IS on the same campus as the Villas.







If you need assistance
managing some aspects of your daily life,

but don't need intensive nursing care,

 at The Villas you will find the means to maintain

 your independence, privacy and individuality - yet,

 Care is provided by our staff of

Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs)

24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

All care is overseen by licensed nurses.

Dietary Staff provides three DELICIOUS meals a day.

Housekeepers keep your apartment clean and in order.

A full time Activity Director to keep you busy.

Security guards and maintenance crew keep you safe.



Step inside the Villas and you'll find common spaces

designed to provide a friendly environment for gathering with your
family, or with other Residents of the Villas.

Our front lobby




Beautiful views of the pond and the woods from our dining room

The Dining Room - bright and cheery!


Library has thousands of books, books on tape, CDs, tapes, DVDs 

The Library - with an adjoining porch. A quiet relaxing place to read inside or out!



A Resident's room (size A) - furnished with their own belongings to make it their own




We're always happy to have local groups and and organizations come in to entertain us...




 ... and our own Residents are pretty entertaining, too!



Rainbow over the Villas - photo taken in 1999

Rainbow over the Villas - photo taken in 1999

We know The Villas is a special place, and we are blessed and privileged

in being able to serve the Residents in our care.





 Our pond  - a tranquil place to walk or just sit and enjoy the beauty of our property.






 One of our porches


Our front entrance



 The cornerstone (says 1999!)


Our flag pole - erected and dedicated in May 2012 in remembrance and thanksgiving

for all who have served, and are serving now in our military to protect our American way of life.







 Come and see us!


Please take the time to look at our other pages of the website
to see what the Villas can offer to you or your loved one